If you want to join our company you need to follow our following Terms and Conditions.

The applicant should be citizen as per the Indian citizen act & has completed 18 years of age & competent to enter to an agreement with any individual/ firm/ company etc. He/ She understands that the company reserve the right to accept or decline his/ her application without assigning any reason. 

The applicant agrees with the business plan and all terms & law of Ventaja Technologies

The applicant here by wishes to purchase the product offered by the company and the amount paid is towards purchase of product he/ she aware the amount paid by him/ her is neither refundable or not transferable and he/ she clearly understands that the payment mode is only for purchasing the product and not as deposit or investment. He/ She aware that doing business is optional.

The organization will confirm the user ID of the applicant only after receipt of full payment and he/ she will be considered as independent distributor.  All the distributors are advised to introduce/ sponsor new distributors on their downline only after their user Id is confirmed.

 The applicant has right to promote the plan business opportunities regarding any product that may be offered by the company under commission system as per the rules, regulation, policies and procedures that may framed by the company for such promotion form time to time. He/ She fully aware that his/ her income will be only on the basis of commission under him/ her as per business plan in the brochures/ website/ literatures.

The distributor is required to pay the value of product throw Online Transfer in the favor of Ventaja Technologies.

After online registration of the user ID, the user ID will be activated automatically.

The company reserves the exclusive right to modify, enhance, amend the business plan, commission system, pricing, rules regulations, policies, terms and conditions and procedure that may be framed by the company or such promotion time to time without prior notice to distributors.

 Company have no any fee for joining. Everyone can join the company without any payment.

The applicants shall agree that the company provided the sale commission closing Daily.

The company is not responsible for any loss of date, errors, delays, connectivity due non-functioning/ break down of serve/ website or for any other technical problem.

 TDS is as applicable.

 In case of any fault or damages and other technical problems if any in the product the consumers/ applicant will contact to the concerned manufacture of the product.

 Conditions apply.